Green Development
    Henan Kailun Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Hua County Industrial Cluster Zone, Covering an area of 260 mu, with a total investment of 460 million yuan, including an annual output of 30,000 tons of accelerator, 10,000 tons of insoluble sulfur, 10,000 tons of antioxidant and 10,000 tons of pre-separated masterbatch project, which adopts the enterprise's patented clean production technology with independent intellectual property rights and is listed in the key construction project of Henan Province A. The project will be put into operation in 2020, with an annual new sales revenue of 1 billion yuan and 300 million yuan of profit tax.

    Over the years, Kailun has taken the responsibility of building an environment-friendly enterprise, actively carried out green supply chain management, researched and developed green production processes, and built the domestic leading super-optimal Klaus exhaust gas recovery and treatment, Fenton oxidation multi-effect evaporator waste water treatment and organic exhaust gas recovery and treatment devices, and all waste water and exhaust gas have achieved the standard discharge.


    Treatment process

    Dealing with meaning

    Waste Water

    Fenton oxidation + multi-effect/MVR evaporation + in line with biochemical wastewater treatment

    Thoroughly solve the rubber additives wastewater high salt, high COD treatment problems

    Waste Gas

    Hydrogen sulfideļ¼šSulfur recovery + desulfurization

    The optimal treatment scheme of hydrogen sulfide tail gas has the sulfur recovery rate of 99.5%, and the end tail gas is discharged under the standard

    Organic waste gas: incinerator + power wave + desulfurization tower + hydrogen peroxide desulfurization

    The waste gas incineration efficiency reaches more than 99%, the heat storage efficiency ≥95%, realizing the harmless treatment of the process tail gas and reaching the emission standard